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  Verner, 2 weeks old   There is an open mind  spirit is free in the rainbow home, and a smellscent of home- baked bread fills the homeair.  Big brother Viggo at, age  age 3,  years is dressing up in everything from dresses to a clown costume. New born Verner is newly born and is athe product from of a match between a Danish gay homosexualgay couple and a Danish single lesbian woman. ”We found each other over through a website and four bottles of crémant”, says the father to of Verner - Jesper Balsløv Fransén.  The parents live apart but see each other as often as possible.
 English couple
 Two young refugees exchange music in a so-called Afghan Hotel, an overpriced rental flat for refugees. Hamed fled as an unaccompanied refugee but the little boy is travelling with his father and brother and they hope to reunite with the mother in Germany. 17 year old Hamed left Afghanistan at age 15 and doesn’t want to seek asylum in Greece. His family took a 5000 euros loan - money that they now owe the neighbor to get Hamed to Europe. He lives on the roof of an abandoned building in Alexandra Park in Athens.   
On The Edge of the Desert - China, Minqin Gansu.
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