Choosing General Contractors For Bathroom Remodeling Services

With new designs hitting the shelves every day, it’s hard to know what is new and what is old in bathroom remodeling. National, even the average price for bathroom remodeling is almost $14,000. Bathroom remodels range widely, from basic makeovers to luxury master bathroom revamp packages. The factors that influence your bathroom remodeling price are the finishes you pick (marvelous marble tiles cost 20x more than standard subway tiles), how large the job is and the local labor costs in your region.

Bathroom Remodeling


Kennewick Bathroom renovations can be on a small scale or a grand scale, depending on the budget and preferences. Smaller bathroom remodeling solutions might involve a paint color that is drastically different from your original or an entirely new bathroom design. Larger renovation projects might include completely replacing the entire bathroom cabinets and sinks, installing new flooring and/or walls, installing a new roof, new flooring or walling and adding new bathroom fixtures like faucets, showers and toilets. While these are more extreme cases, many small renovation projects can be surprisingly successful. Consider these options if you want to go from” blah” to” oh so fun” before spending big bucks on a full renovation.


If you do the research necessary to find the most cost effective contractors you can cut your bathroom remodeling costs in half and still give us a new bathroom. Make a list of possible contractors in your area along with their contact information and your estimate for the job. Then take the time to review each contractor and evaluate your assessment. You will come to a very short list of candidates that you can interview and evaluate, and this is where the job begins.


Interview each general contractor you have targeted and ask for their general contractor license number. Take note of all of their specialties and experiences, and consider jotting down things you are not clear on (such as the scope of their work or whether or not they use steam showers). Ask each general contractor to provide references. If they are unwilling to provide references or don’t know of any, pass them by. Also, keep in mind that many successful bathroom remodelings were completed on the cheap, so be wary of contractors who are all about price and who have never completed a major remodel before.


Once you have narrowed your list of possible candidates to just a handful, contact each of them by phone. Schedule a consultation appointment and present your ideas to the general contractor. Let them know your budget and see if they can create a plan to help you reach your goals and reduce your expenses while still building the bathroom you want. If you agree upon a general plan, work out the details of the contract with your general contractor. If the project is large, such as adding a second tub or an enlarged shower, have the bathroom remodeling services company send estimates over a period of time to your contractor so that you can keep tabs on the project and be informed of its progress.


Once you find a candidate that you feel comfortable working with, let them know that you are willing to do the remodel on a trial basis. Some homeowners like to do small projects on their own when they feel a little uncertain. Others prefer to have the work done completely by a professional company so that they can focus on the other elements of their bathroom renovation. If you are happy with the quality of work, schedule a time to have your bathroom remodeled by your chosen general contractor. You will be glad that you did, and your bathroom renovation will soon be finished – on schedule and on budget.

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